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Product Overview

Impero Education Pro is our consolidated classroom management, network management and student online safety solution. With new features added frequently and delivered automatically to the devices on your network, your school district has access to: computer usage monitoring, remote control, power management, print management, patch management, inventory and access management.

Impero is a truly cross-platform solution supporting Windows, Chrome OS, macOS and iOS.


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Case studies


We’re working with over 600 U.S. school districts, find out how some of our customers are benefitting from Impero Education Pro in our case studies below:






Classroom Management

The classroom management features in Impero Education Pro, when used on a daily basis, can help reduce IT costs, improve productivity and focus learning in your classroom.

  • Broadcast a teacher or student’s screen to all or selected students
  • View a centralized record of student computer activity, including websites and tabs open by a specific user
  • Lock screens for selected or all student devices
  • Allow specific websites and applications to keep students on task
  • Block websites and applications to remove digital distractions or lock down machines for exam environments

And much more!



Student Online Safety

The student online safety features in Impero Education Pro are designed and created with specialist organizations and charities to help keep your students safe online.

  • Real-time, full-screen monitoring of student devices (not just open tabs)
  • Keyword detection
  • Over 10,000 keywords detecting online dangers, such as bullying, suicide, mental health, weapons and violence and many more
  • Capture management policies where keywords trigger an action e.g. screenshot, email notification or screen recording, which can later be used as evidence
  • Historical capture data for a whole school overview, which can be drilled down to student-level when necessary
  • Supports CIPA compliance

These features are designed to support your existing web filter with customizable keywords, helping you to easily detect students off task and accessing inappropriate content, games or a proxy.

Computer Usage Monitoring

Impero Education Pro discreetly logs all computer activity in a centralized location, including websites visited, access to Windows, software applications, printed documents and even deleted files.

Computer activity can be filtered by time, day, user and computer, allowing you to easily identify what a student was accessing at a particular time.




Remote Support

A loved feature by technical teams, the remote control tool included in Impero Education Pro helps provide technical support to teachers and students across multi-sites, without physically touching each device. Controlling multiple devices at once helps save technical teams time and wear on their sneakers!


Power Management

For those eco-warriors out there, or if you’re trying to save on energy costs, Impero Education Pro’s power management features allow scheduled shut down of PCs. Whether that be at the end of the school day, at different times for different classes as per your class rota, or based on idle time, power management policies can be created to meet your specific school requirements.

Hardware and Software Inventory

Impero Education Pro’s comprehensive inventory management features provide an overview of the hardware and software utilized across your network. You can easily identify out-of-date hardware, machines running particular software packages and even devices that are underutilized.


Print Management

Save money, reduce paper waste and toner usage by allocating printing credits and default printer costs (allowing separate costs for mono and color printing) to users at your school district.


Patch Management

Designed to strengthen endpoint security and protect the top education software applications, Impero Patch uses automated detection to patch Microsoft and more than 60 third-party applications (including Flash and Java) before vulnerabilities are exposed to your school network.




Access Management

Impero Education Pro is a powerful tool to monitor and detect what students are accessing online. The keyword detection functionality detects keywords in HTML, on websites or even written in an application such as Word. For any keyword captured, your school district can create customizable actions, such as locking internet or sending email notifications to particular staff members.

In addition, USB blocking can prevent vulnerabilities as well as students accessing .exe files.


 Impero EdLink, multi-device management

Available as an additional module to Impero Education Pro, Impero EdLink is compatible on Chrome OS, iOS and Android.



Key features:

  • Support your 1:1 and BYOD environments
  • Cross-platform MDM solution supporting Chromebooks, iPads and Android devices
  • Application management
  • Off-site filtering
  • ​​​​​​Geolocation management





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