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Product Overview

Impero is the most feature-rich Classroom Management Software on the market with frequent feature additions delivered automatically to your computer - including classroom management, online safety, network admin, computer usage monitoring, remote control, power management, print management, inventory and Internet restriction. 


Impero is a cross platform solution supporting Windows, ChromeOS, I-Pad and MAC’s.


An overview of Impero Education Pro 






Classroom Management Software

Utilizing Impero for your Classroom Management on a daily basis can help reduce IT Costs and at the same time, improve productivity and concentration in your classroom by:

Broadcast the teacher's screen to all or selected students

Broadcast student screen to others

Log all student computer activity to a central database

Locking screens to ensure students are on task

Allow list to help manage lessons

Block website/apps/windows at a classroom level

Ability to see all websites visited/ tabs open

Blank some or all computer screens, locking mouse and keyboard... and much more!



Student Safety

Impero has 12,000 key word libraries, including bullying, trolling, suicide, mental health, weapons and violence.

When a student types the word into their device Impero can trigger a reaction: e.g. Take a screen shot, email a contact at the school, take a video capture.

We also provide reports so you can see quickly if there are any issues within the school which need to be raised.

You can also go back in time to find out if an alert occurred in the past – this is useful if there is an incident which may have happened in the school.

You can even create your own key words which could be used to help support your web filter (e.g. searching for Proxy/Game)


Computer Usage Monitoring

Impero discretely logs all computer activity to a central store, not only logging Websites remote users visit, but also all Windows, Software Applications, Printed Documents and Deleted Files. 

The Impero Log viewer clearly displays Computer Activity by Day, then by User, then Computer and finally by the time the user logged on.

This allows you to see exactly who was sitting at what pc, when, and what the user accessed while on that computer, leaving no excuses for accessing resources that shouldn’t be accessed



Remote Support

Impero PC Remote Control is fast, secure and robust, giving you control of up to 16 displays per remote computer (multi-monitor support) and allowing you to control an unlimited number of remote computers at the same time. 

Worried about bandwidth? Impero uses more than 10x less bandwidth than competitors when remote controlling, and is just as fast, if not faster.

CPU Usage is also very low, ranging from 5% to 30% cpu usage depending on the remote computer graphic card capabilities.

Power Management

Impero Power Management allows you to save money by powering off computers in different rooms as per schedule or even automatically power off computers that have been idle for a certain amount of time

Hardware and Software Inventory

Impero Inventory gives you a comprehensive overview of hardware and software throughout your network.

Quickly establish what hardware is out of date or how many computers are running a particular software package.

Each computer in your network running Impero will build a comprehensive inventory of the pc and store this report in a central location, allowing you to query the report even when computers are not powered on.

Printer Management with Cost Control

Impero pCredit can save you money by reducing wasted paper and printer toner by restricting users to a 'credit limit'.

Impero is able to automatically detect all your printers around your network, including printers installed locally to machines, then assign a cost to print in Mono or Color.

You are able to modify the default printer costs as well as define the amount of credit each user has.

Internet Restriction and Computer Security

Virtually anything that is visible to the computer user can be blocked or detected by Impero.

Whether its a Window like Display Properties, an application, website, even written words and sentences can be detected.

Perform a number of actions upon detection such as logging the user out or banning the internet for a specified amount of time. You can even be alerted by email of certain violations.

An example of how powerful the blocking system can be is the ability to block all .exe files that run from a USB flash drive and also be alerted in real time to the attempt.

Impero will instantly alert you of violations such as students accessing banned websites - notification when a student is off task


 EdLink – Our Mobile Device Management System (additional module)

Compatible with:



We also have our very own Mobile device management software. This is called ED LINK and is a separate module to ED PRO

Perfect for 1:1 and BYOD enviroments

Ed Link is completely cross platform

We allow you to easily deploy applications.

We allow you to filter on/off site

We offer geo-location for theft control of mobile devices (and to allow us to filter based on on/off site)

We even have a parent portal if parents wish to monitor devices at home




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